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企業 [62]
イメージズ [358]
カタログ [24]
セール商品 [384]
投売り [7]
made in italy-leather handbags-luxury handbags-(250)
01 - Moschino bags
ロット全ての値段: EUR 1,050.00
概算 USD 1,166.70
ロットの数量 12 Pcs
Stock Moschino bags of 12 peaces as photos. Don't hesitate to contact us for any question or request. We remain at your complete disposition. BCS Moda Stock Director Mr. Salvatore Sacheli Sales Manager Mr. Stefano Beni


当ショールーム : イメージは、連絡先のツールや製品についての情報 BCS MODA STOCK !

italian-italian bags-luxury handbags-(250)
ロット全ての値段: EUR 4,500.00
概算 USD 5,000.16
ロットの数量 50 Pcs


当ショールーム : イメージは、連絡先のツールや製品についての情報 SPAZIO 32 !

italian-leather handbags-handbags-(250)
2013_7 - GLENI -
ロット全ての値段: EUR 1,290.00
概算 USD 1,433.38
ロットの数量 3 Pcs
Warm tonalities will enliven the atmosphere in your shop or boutique by simply displaying on shelves these three fantastic models of bag, handcrafted by expert Italian artisans in total respect of the “Made in Italy” concept.

If you add the quality and elegance of the genuine python leather, so you can say to be in front of a real piece of art that will make happy all your customers.

Choosing this wonderful lot, you’ll be given the chance of showing all the three versions a python leather item can come out: matt, shiny and with metal finish.....so, every needs and requirements will be easily satisfied.

The Lot is composed of the following n° 3 items:
- art. 3850 – a refined hobo model in matt orange-ish color that will accompany you everywhere, always giving you the best of comfort and top of quality in any situation;
MEASURES: cm 45x27x18 (17.71”x10.62”x7.08”);
ORIGINAL WHOLESALE PRICE = € 415,00 (Vat not included).
- art. 3770 - a linear style with medium dimensions and neutral colors, that will accompany you all day long, without appearing inappropriate or offsite;
MEASURES: cm 42x18x12 (16.55”x7.10”x4.75”);
ORIGINAL WHOLESALE PRICE = € 400,00 (Vat not included).
- art. 3849 – amazing hobo bag to show your strong personality: maxi dimensions and metallic copper tonalities to sparkle and stand out from the crowd;
MEASURES: cm 50x33x15 (19.68”x12.99”x5.90”);
ORIGINAL WHOLESALE PRICE = € 705,00 (Vat not included).

The total wholesale price for this LOT is € 1.520,00 BUT TODAY you can have it with a fantastic discount of 15% off the wholesale price, for a VERY COMPETITIVE TOTAL AMOUNT OF €1.290,00


当ショールーム : イメージは、連絡先のツールや製品についての情報 GLENI !

italy-fashion handbags-leather accessories-(250)
2013_5 - GLENI
ロット全ての値段: EUR 860.00
概算 USD 955.59
ロットの数量 3 Pcs
Do you want to create a special corner in your own shop or boutique just reserved to the most romantic customers?
Here’s the perfect solution, that we think will make happy all those women who loves delicate and pastel tonalities to look pretty and glamour on every occasion.

The python leather is the main character of this lot we are offering to you at a very exceptional price: two very elegant and modern bags coming in different sizes and able to match even the needs of the younger ladies, plus a very practical and nice little organizer that can eventually match the tonality of the bags.

While on bag #3829, provided with a sophisticated rouched effect in the front section, the natural pattern of the python is perfectly visible as the pink shade is framed by darker strokes in grey and black, bag #3520 tends to be more sober but the beauty and preciousness of the leather is enhanced by a metallic finish.

The Lot is composed of the following n° 3 items:
- art. 3829 – Realized with soft genuine python leather in the new “Rosa-antico” color, this item will offer you the best in matter of elegance and refinement without appearing too classic or too important;
MEASURES: cm 40x23x13 ( 15.74”x 9.05”x 5.11);
ORIGINAL WHOLESALE PRICE = € 570,00 (Vat not included).
- art. 3520 – The intense pink tonality will enliven whatever outfit you decide to show off with: a homogeneous matt pink background is brightened up with metal strokes on each scale;
MEASURES: cm 30x17x13 (11.81”x 6.69”x 5,11”);
ORIGINAL WHOLESALE PRICE = € 500,00 (Vat not included).
- art. 501 – Practical organizer to keep you updated day after day so that nothing can go missed;
ORIGINAL WHOLESALE PRICE = € 80,00 (Vat not included).

The total wholesale price for this LOT is € 1.150,00 BUT TODAY you can have it with a fantastic discount of 25% off the wholesale price, for a VERY COMPETITIVE TOTAL AMOUNT OF € 860,00


当ショールーム : イメージは、連絡先のツールや製品についての情報 GLENI !

made in italy-handbags-luxury handbags-(250)
2013_4 - GLENI
ロット全ての値段: EUR 800.00
概算 USD 888.92
ロットの数量 4 Pcs
Classic colors and sleek lines are always women’s best friends, as they can be show off both in summer and winter, without risking to go out of fashion.

Take into consideration this sober lot composed of high-quality pieces both in manufacture and materials: the soft python leather comes in a very light and neutral shade, so to confer to the items a sense of relaxation and harmony.

Two modern models of bag, to easily carry over the shoulder thanks to their comfortable handles/strap, will make happy your loyal customers that have finally found the perfect accessory to match every look.

To add a touch of refinement and chic allure, the lot also comes with an elegant wallet and a practical little purse where every women’s main essentials can be organized.

The Lot is composed of the following n° 2 items:
- art. 3813 – provided with two long handles which help you to carry it on your shoulder easily, the bag shows an inside very well organized and wide;
MEASURES: cm 38x28x14 (14,97”x11,03”x5,52”);
ORIGINAL WHOLESALE PRICE = € 450,00 (Vat not included).
- art. 3785 – try this fantastic handbag from our collection, and you will read envy in your colleague’s eyes while entering your office with this precious item by your side;
MEASURES: cm 44x29x10 (17.30”x11.40”x3.90”);
ORIGINAL WHOLESALE PRICE = € 415,00 (Vat not included).
- art. ASS4 – this pretty and refined wallet made of genuine python leather, will give every day a shot of chic;
ORIGINAL WHOLESALE PRICE = € 90,00 (Vat not included).
- art. 549 - A handy, practical and modest accessory able to underline your natural beauty;
ORIGINAL WHOLESALE PRICE = € 45,00 (Vat not included).

The total wholesale price for this LOT is € 1.000,00 BUT TODAY you can have it with a fantastic discount of 20% off the wholesale price, for a VERY COMPETITIVE TOTAL AMOUNT OF € 800,00


当ショールーム : イメージは、連絡先のツールや製品についての情報 GLENI !

made in italy-luxury handbags-fashion handbags-(250)
2013_3 - GLENI
ロット全ての値段: EUR 1,050.00
概算 USD 1,166.70
ロットの数量 3 Pcs
Your shop will become the most envied and quoted in town if you set up your showcase with these three wonderful handbags, expression of the renowned Italian craftsmanship, and result of years of experience in exotic leather.

Three different models and sizes of handbags for all the most disparate necessities and tastes of your customers, everyone realized with care and ability by our experienced Italian artisans for an innovative product that has no rivals in matter of quality and glamour.

The perfectly combined mix of more different contrasting tonalities, equally distributed all over the item, confers every bag an undisputed touch of originality, recalling the predominant tones of the earth and of the flowered grasslands: an hymn to Nature and to its rebirth.

The Lot is composed of the following n° 3 items:
- art. 3653 – a gorgeous and chic handbag, realized with high quality materials: young, stylish and nice, perfectly fitting on each different look;
MEASURES: cm 36x28x12 (14.17”x 11.02”x 4.72”)
ORIGINAL WHOLESALE PRICE = € 515,00 (Vat not included).

- art. 3818 – a delicious small bag to clasp in hand thanks to the unique short handle;
MEASURES: cm 21x18x5 (8.25"x7.00"x1.95")
ORIGINAL WHOLESALE PRICE = € 260,00 (Vat not included).

- art. 3752 - Made of extreme high quality, original colors, captivating leather and fantastic versatility, this hobo carries all you need for the day without getting bulky and gives you a sense of effortless casual chic;
MEASURES : cm 39x24x6 (15.35“x 9.44”x2.36”)
ORIGINAL WHOLESALE PRICE = € 460,00 (Vat not included).

The total wholesale price for this LOT is € 1.235,00 BUT TODAY you can have it with a fantastic discount of 15% off the wholesale price, for a VERY COMPETITIVE TOTAL AMOUNT OF € 1.050,00


当ショールーム : イメージは、連絡先のツールや製品についての情報 GLENI !

italy-leather bags-fashion bags-(250)
ASPELL Accessori Moda
2014-001 - Leather flap bags
ロット全ての値段: EUR 750.00
概算 USD 833.36
ロットの数量 18 Pcs
ASpell sells in stock, due to the end of the series, this beautiful bag made ​​of genuine leather in suede and soft souvage, which you can see in the photograph, with a SPECIAL PRICE!
It is an opportunity not to be missed to offer your customers a fine product, made ​​with genuine Italian leathers and hand-made by Italian craftsmen.

Available in two versions of timeless colors, can be worn as a shoulder bag or used as a clutch for an evening look.

Removable shoulder strap.
Inside lining.
Three inside pockets, including one with zipper closure.
With double zipper closure.
Genuine leather cowhide.

The production is 100% made in Italy guaranteed.

The lot is composed by item 10416-52, and includes the following colors:
Black / Grey - 9 pieces
Brown / Beige - 9 pieces

We can ship worldwide, the products will be shipped directly from Italy. Request a quote for shipping.

| Method of payment: Paypal or bank transfer |

• Wholesale List Price for Single Unit: EUR 59,00
• Our Wholesale Price for Single Unit: EUR 48,00


当ショールーム : イメージは、連絡先のツールや製品についての情報 ASPELL Accessori Moda !

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